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Mechanical Fitter | Automation | Robotics


Connect 4 are seeking skilled Mechanical Fitters for prestigious projects in the UK and Europe. Being a skilled Mechanical Fitter, you would need to have experience within the automation/robotics industry as projects involve the assembly and installation of automated production lines including robotic cells, tooling, jigs and fixtures.


Key Skills:

Mechanical Fitter



Mechanical Fitting

Mechanical City & Guilds qualification or apprenticeship

Tooling, jigs and fixtures


Location: UK & Europe

Type: Contract

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Robot Programmer | Fanuc | Programming | Robot

Connect 4 are working with a globally recognised company that turn over £1.5 Billion a year. The company has recently invested in the North East by building a new facility that needs a skilled robot programmer to help with the programming of Fanuc robots within the automotive/PWT/Powertrain industry specifically looking at Robot Programming within powertrain.

Key Skills Needed:

Robot Programmer

Experience within robot programming

Experience with Fanuc robots

Experience with powertrain (beneficial but not essential)

Automotive (beneficial but not essential)

Type: Contract

Rate: £35 per hour (negotiable)

Location: Sunderland